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Old Ranking System

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Old Ranking System

Post  Cedric on Thu May 23, 2013 3:11 pm

This is our current ranking system. A new one might be implemented in the future. Please DO NOT ask us to promote you. We will decide when you are ready.

Grand Marshal: The current leaders of the clan
 How to Become: Closed

Marshal: Co-leaders of the clan; the members that have stayed with us through the very beginning
 How to Become: Closed

  • Able to vote on kicking members

  • Channel Moderator on the Rush Team Server TS3

General: Responsible for official testing and recruitment
                            How to Become:

  • Be active in xElitex for at least two months

  • Show dedication to the clan


  • Access to our General+ exclusive discussion on our forum                                      

Major: Responsible for finding potential members to join
                           How to Become:

  • Be active in xElitex for at least one month

  • Show dedication to the clan

Captain: Responsible for guiding members of lower ranks
                            How to Become:

  • Be active in xElitex

  • Show dedication to the clan


  • Access to our tactics page on our forum

Private: Responsible for representing xElitex as a pro and friendly clan
                          How to Become:

  • Pass tryouts or get voted in


  • Access to our member exclusive content on our forum


To show dedication to the clan, you can do the following:

  1. Scouting and referring pros
  2. Participating in clan wars
  3. Participate in non-official testing
  4. Participate in forum discussions
  5. Communicating with and helping our members
  6. Playing matches together with other xElitex members

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