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Clan Targets

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Clan Targets

Post  xElitexBen221 on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:29 pm

atm not many members are active daily, not many members do clan wars and some members are loosing skill because of this.

ways to solve this:
a smaller clan
- members feel part of an elite group
- members talk more and get to know each other 
- they play more, enjoy coming online to talk and play, there skill level improves 
- members bond 

ACE system
-members want to reach this, play more get better are active do clan wars to show improvement
-ACEs set up 1 vs 1 randomly give advice to members and help there reach it
-wont need acedemy no one improves during acedemy time and they just feel noob and members really dont care about them. ACE just train everyone by playing, and acedemy members, you tell them your game play some secrets they leave and join another clan, this way we know we can trust the members 

like i said in ace section, why waste time on them it takes long time to improve, most of them just leave anyway, other clans like gmc and split, just let the members hang out with them so all members see if they like him/her, loyal active and dedicated members can improve, and if members like them they will give up there time 

member kicking 
if members are not wanted due to there skill or attitude, every member votes, if the answer is yes, the yes people will train them up within a limited time and they are retested, if no there kicked, 

bigger BCD all members need to know whats happening and have a say, this will encourage use of the forum so we dont see the same old names every so often

also in afks absense we need someone who can change ranks kick invite players


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Re: Clan Targets

Post  zskillsz on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:39 pm

Good idea ben, im in for it.


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Re: Clan Targets

Post  xElitexSirMidge on Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:23 pm

i'm in

Thanks to xElitexAfklol for the badass sig :D


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Re: Clan Targets

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