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My advice on how to become a pro

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My advice on how to become a pro

Post  Cedric on Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:35 pm

The Basics

The question "How do you become a pro" is an issue that many gamers face. For some, skill just comes naturally, but the majority will have to learn and practice in order to become a pro. Rush Team is no exception. Let me begin with the basics.

There are three important factors that contribute to skill in a FPS. 


Aiming is the foremost important factor in judging skill. This is a factor that can hardly be taught. Aiming accurately must be learned through self practice. For snipers, you have to get the "feel for it" and base clicks on intuition, especially for quickscoping. I will get into more detail on techniques with sniping in the next section. For rifles, aiming for headshots during close range combat is highly essential since that is the quickest way to kill your opponent. Make it a habit to aim for the head everytime you use a rifle.


The second most important factor in judging skill is movement. Unlike aiming, this can be taught. In Rush Team, you have 10 stamina bars. Running uses up approximately 0.8 bars/second while jumping depletes 1.5 stamina bars/jump. When you run out of stamina, you will have to wait for the stamina points to recover. Stamina recovers at a rate of 2 bars/second. However, there is a trick to never running out of stamina. You will have to jump and run simultaneously. Do not hold the buttons down. Instead, press shift then immediately press space after. If you do this right, you can technically sprint forever. Always be on the run; never walk. 

Combining aiming and moving, there are two techniques that pros use: Bunnyhopping and Ducking

-Bunnyhopping requires the user to jump back and forth while aiming in between, usually to the side while facing forwards. Not only does doing so annoy some of your opponents, it will ultimately ensure your survival while allowing you to kill as many enemies as you can. Never shoot while you are jumping. It is highly inaccurate.
Jump>Aim>Shoot (Repeat)

-Unlike bunnyhopping, ducking is harder to learn. The process is the same, except that you are adding in a crouch right after each jump. The benefit to this is that it decreases your chances of getting hit. The downside is that it is harder to control, makes aiming harder, and slows down overall movement.
Jump>Aim>Crouch>Shoot (Repeat)


"Playing smart" is the third aspect in determining skill. This is a very broad range that contains a tedious amount of discussion. To simplify things, I will make key points that I think are important.

-When low on health, retreat and get to a health box. Depending on the map, it may not be safe for you to sit and wait to recover hp. In those cases, you can rely on your teammates to cover your back. Keep track of their positions. If they are near you, pay attention to their movements. If they are killed, you can determine whether or not an enemy is nearby. From this little piece of information, you can decide on what move you will make next.

-There is no shame in using your teammates as decoys while you kill steal them from behind.

-Getting headshots in FFA matches will grant you a hp bar. Hp bars stack up so it is very important for you to get at least one headshot while having full hp. This will allow you to survive one hit from the m40 sniper.

-When using the m40 sniper during an all weapons match, be aware that you do not have to wait for your sniper to reload completely before you can use. You can reload one bullet and then switch your weapons back and forth so that the sniper can be used immediately. However, it is recommended that you have at least 3 bullets ready at any given time with the m40.

-When facing multiple enemies, kill the ones that are more of a threat first.

-Memorize how many hits it takes to kill with each weapon. This link will help with that.

-You cannot sprint while reloading so reload only after you have gotten behind cover if you are able to.

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Re: My advice on how to become a pro

Post  Cedric on Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:42 pm


Snipers are by far the most useful weapons in your arsenal. They have the capability of taking out your opponents with pinpoint precision. There are a couple of different techniques that you can use with the sniper.

Quickscope: This is the most commonly used form of sniping. "The tactic itself involves utilizing quick reflexes to spot an enemy, center them on screen as best as possible, and then zoom into your scope only to then fire as soon as the crosshairs are visible" (Urban Dictionary). Whether or not this technique requires skill is debatable. Nonetheless, you will need to practice in order to be consistent with your aim.

Pro: Versatile; usable in most situations
Con: May not be the preferred method based on the situation

Hardscope: This is the intended technique that snipers were originally designed for. Hardscoping requires the player to keep the zoom in focus and target an enemy when they are spotted. Alot of players see hardscoping as a a "noob" way of playing since camping is also likely involved. However, there are moments where even pros will hardscope since it may be the best way to ensure survival.

Pro: Likely to kill an enemy before they can target you.
Con: Makes you vulnerable since movement and range of sight is decreased.

Dragscope: This is sort of an hybrid between quickscoping and hardscoping. You aim as if you are quickscoping except that you "drag" the crosshair to your enemy.

Pro: More accurate compared to quickscoping
Con: Like hardscoping, this makes you vulnerable since movement and range of sight is decreased.

No-scope: This is technically aiming blind. You shoot without zooming into your scope. The only time when you should no-scope is when an enemy is up close and there are no other options.

Pro: Useful when trying to kill an enemy with one shot during close combat
Con: Very inaccurate and risky

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