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Our History

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Our History

Post  Cedric on Mon May 18, 2015 3:04 am

Elite During Beta

The first time I've played Rush Team was sometime around October 2012. After playing for a month, I decided to make a clan called Elite. My original username was "YouGotSniped", but then I changed it to xElitexAfklol after the addition of the clan tag. Elite was born on December 2012. My first two recruits were Jonasboy and Temperr. They later initiated the recruitment of notable members Raigekii, Hotshot, Ozz, and Ben221.

Our member base was mainly on Kongregate. We later moved on to Skype after Hotshot had suggested it. During the first month of Elite, I spent time organizing our forum while Raigekii and other members recruited. We rose up to be one of the few legit clans that were active at that time. We were always facing the problem of random players using our clan tag in their username.

On March 27, 2013 I had announced on our forum that I was leaving Rush Team in order to focus on my studies, thus handing over leadership to Raigekii. Unbeknownst to all our members, except for Raigekii, I was still playing a few times a week in order to avoid getting rusty. When I returned on May, I resumed leadership responsibilities and focused on improving our relationship with Fade. The task proved more difficult than I intended since some Elite and Fade members despised each other. As a consequence, an alliance between our two clans proved hopeless.

Due to chat problems on Skype, our clan used the Rush Team server on Team Speak 3 as an alternate method of communication. To our benefit, we became even more well known among the Rush Team Community. Elite reached its peak of having the most number of skilled active members of any clan; around 40, during the months of June and July. We had dominated in clan matches against some of the best; e.g Split, and proven ourselves to be a force to be afraid of. In addition to this, Elite had two members that were given the privilege of becoming Rush Team GameMasters: Seco and I.

Below is a Harlem Shake video our clan created.
Version 1
Version 2

Elite After Beta

Behind the scenes, arguments and disagreements between members wrecked havoc on Elite. Seco, one of our most prominent members, as well as multiple other Turkish members had left the clan on August 2013 to create their own; Ayyildiz. Although Raigekii and I tried to reconcile the relationship between our members in conflict, it was to no avail. Words that have been said cannot be unsaid. To the dismay of the clan, worst was to come.

During the first week of September, discontent on how the clan was being managed began showing. Pressure was put on me to purge the clan of any member deemed not good enough and to recruit players solely based on their skill without any evaluation of their attitude. At that time I was facing stress from my studies too, thus I wanted to take a break from the clan for a few weeks. The Board of Clan Discussions and its associated ranks was formed with the goal of Elite managing itself in my absence. Unfortunately, misunderstanding about its intent created further turmoil. Certain members wanted more power, to the extent in which one wanted me to step down in order for them to have a better grip on clan decisions. I honestly did not want to lead anymore, but I felt that it was my responsibility to consider the needs of all members. After reading posts by the Board after a few days of inactivity, I was afraid of the things that may come if I did not intervene. As a result, Ben221 left the clan and convinced several other members to join him in the formation of Rebels. As member after member left, I just watched. Some left because they felt that the clan was a sinking ship. I did not try to convince them otherwise. If the clan was indeed dying, I would rather die with it. As for the members that stayed with Elite, I did not want to just give up on them. This is the primary reason why I kept on going and what ultimately, made me a stronger leader.

Although Elite had lost a significant amount of members, there was something that proved even more harmful. The addition of the clan system gave rise to hundreds of new "clans". As a consequence, Elite became less known over time while clans with hundreds of members were being considered the best. This is an issue that threatened Elite the most.  

During the month of October 2013, my friendship with Seco and his clan had reached new heights. Learning the Turkish language had aided me. Soon our two clans formed an alliance with each other and revolutionized the concept of having alliances on Rush Team. We collaborated together in matches against other clans. This was something that had never happened before. The Alliance was extended to include Kiwis on January 2014.

Elite's Legacy
Elite is no longer active. Please view the link below for more information.

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