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Post  Cedric on Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:38 am

How many of you would like to scrap the current testing method. It was only created to ensure that we only let the best in. However, it hasn't had much success so how about reverting back to a more simple method. Example: Two 1v1 tests 20/30 minimum against testers. FYI: the academy clan has 20 slots so it can still be of use to host people that need to take tests.

Now for the method of recruitment. As a result of the Rush Team clan system, it has become harder for us to be publicly recognized, thus recruit players, since everyone is technically able to create a "clan" and recruit as many people as possible without any form of communication and organization. Most of our members were recruited through scouting runs. However, we haven't done much of that lately since Raige and I are busy with life situations. A scouting run is basically skimming through matches to find a person with "Elite potential" and ask them if they want to apply for Elite. If every member could do this, then that would be great.

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