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Post  Cedric on Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:37 pm

This is a guide to help our members deal with situations where Rush Team players want to join our clan. 

It is a common occurrence to be asked if someone can join our clan while in the game. In these types of situations, it is best to acquire a form of contact with the person in question, preferably Skype or Kongregate, so that I can contact them later on if necessary. Attitude and skill are essential factors that determine whether or not someone can join our clan. If you find that the person who wants to join our clan is immature (e.g. swearing or spamming in chat), they are instantly not qualified. You can simply ignore them given this case. However, if they are mature enough and have a K/D of at least 1.00 (the requirement for our Academy), they can move on to our evaluation stage. There is no time limit in how long a recruit can stay in the Academy. If they do not meet our 2.00 K/D standard, then they will not be able to join Elite. In order to evaluate a potential recruit, we will play alliance clan matches with them. The better they do, the higher the chance they will be admitted into the clan. Any Elite member can also cast a vote as to whether or not they want the recruit in the clan.

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