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Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers

Post  Cedric on Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:59 am

What are badges :

Badges are achievements that are given to members for completing a certain task. Badges can be displayed next to a member's profile whenever they make a post. 

Types of badges :

Badges Earned From Clan Matches

Badges Earned From the Hit List

Clan Matches
Who can organize a clan match :

Official Elite Clan Matches (Elite Members only)
Any member who is ranked Captain and above can organize an official elite clan match. This is a privilege that has to be earned. Anyone ranked below captain who finds a clan match must obtain the clearance by a member ranked above in order to make it official. If this procedure is not followed, a warning will be given to the participants in the match for the first offense. There will be no second warning. 

Alliance Matches (Members from Elite, Elite Academy, Ayyildiz, or Kiwis)
There is no restriction on this. Any member can organize these matches.

How to organize clan matches :

Method 1: Scouting Effectively 
1) Check if any Elite members want to do a clan match. If there are, then proceed with the next step. 

2) Open up two browser tabs and load Rush Team on both. You can use one if you cannot use two tabs. 

3) Open up an account and choose EU1 server on one tab. Open up another account and choose USA server on the other tab. 

4) Start with each map individually, preferably the ones with more players inside. Enter the room to look for potential clans to ask for a match. Requirement: At least 2 members from the same clan are in the game. 
     I. If you do not see at least 2 members, leave the room and look in another.
     II. If you see at least 2 members, begin the next phase. 
         a) Introduction
         b) Look for a response 

  • If they do not respond: look for another match or ask if they speak English; use google translate if they do not
  • If they do respond: ask if they want to do a clan match; if they say no, just look for another clan; if they say yes, ask for a method in  which you can contact them and organize the match through there. If they do not have any contact, then tell them the room details. 

     III. Notify Elite members that you have found a match. 
     IV. Create the match and reap your reward!
     V. Take a screenshot at the beginning (in case they rage quit) and at the end of the match then submit them on our forum.

Method 2: Kongregate
1) Open up Rush Team on the Kongregate Website. You will notice that there is a chatbox there. 

2) Ask if there are any clans that want to do a clan match. Although rare, you will see other players in the chat looking for a clan match also.

3) Organize the match.

Method 3: TeamSpeak 3

Here is a server that has Rush Team clans.


How to take screenshots of clan matches :

Screenshots of the results of clan matches is very essential to how our clan operates. It is very important that all our members are familiar with how to take screenshots and uploading them. The easiest method is to download a screenshot tool. Links of two recommended tools are found below. 
If neither of these work for you, you can always use your default screenshot tool on your computer and manually upload the images online. Take a screenshot of the whole screen. Remember, a clan match never happened unless there is a screenshot of it.

Losing a clan match :

You do not have to worry about facing a penalty if you lose an occasional clan match. However, consecutive loses will lead to the need for an reevaluation.

Elite Academy and Recruitment
Someone wants to join our clan :

When someone asks if they can join our clan, it is best to acquire a form of contact with the person in question, preferably Skype or Kongregate. Once contact has been established, give me the details.   

What are the requirements for the clan :

Attitude is an essential factor that determines whether or not someone can join our clan. If you find that the person who wants to join our clan is immature (e.g. swearing, spamming, or impatient), they are not qualified. However, if they seem mature enough, they can join the Elite Academy for further evaluation. 

Skill is also very important. We have a requirement of at least 2.00 K/D to tryout for Elite. No exceptions will be given towards this rule. [Note: I put an emphasis on tryout because it does not matter to me whether or not you retain a 2.00+ K/D once you have been promoted to Elite] Our Academy is more lax on skill so anyone can join regardless of their K/D.   

Time it takes to be promoted from Academy to Elite :

There is no time limit in how long a recruit can stay in the Academy. Recruits are not qualified to be promoted to Elite if they cannot meet out 2.00 K/D requirement. Depending on the skill of the recruit, promotion can occur as soon as a day or as long as a couple of months.

How are Academy members evaluated :

We evaluate potential recruits through 1v1 testing or alliance clan matches. The better they do, the higher the chance they will be admitted into the clan. Current Elite members can also cast a vote as to whether or not they want the recruit in the clan.

How it all began :

The first time I've played Rush Team was sometime around October 2012. I was badge hunting on Kongregate when I stumbled upon this game. After playing for a month, I decided to make a clan called Elite. My original username was "YouGotSniped", but then I changed it to xElitexAfklol after the addition of the clan tag. Elite was born on December 2012. My first two recruits were Jonasboy and Temperr. They later initiated the recruitment of notable members Raigekii, Hotshot, Ozz, and Ben221. 

Elite during Beta :

The Dawn of Elite
Our member base was mainly on Kongregate. We later moved on to Skype after Hotshot had suggested it. During the first month of Elite, I spent time organizing this forum while Raigekii and other members recruited. We rose up to be one of the few legit clans that were active at that time. We were always facing the problem of random players using our clan tag in their username. However, we weren't the only clan facing this situation. Fade, a clan led by FemalePwnage, had a fake clan dedicated to them. 141Fading, probably the most widespread troll clan, combined the names 141 and Fade together. This trademark spread like a virus to the point that I have still see this tag being used more than a year since it's conception, but I digress. 

On March 27, 2013 I had announced on the forum that I was leaving Rush Team in order to focus on my studies, thus handing over leadership to Raigekii. Unbeknownst to all our members, except for Raigekii, I was still playing a few times a week in order to avoid getting rusty. When I returned on May, I resumed leadership responsibilities and focused on improving our relationship with Fade. The task proved more difficult than I intended since some Elite and Fade members despised each other. As a consequence, an alliance between our two clans proved hopeless.

The Golden Age
Due to chat problems on Skype, our clan used the Rush Team server on Team Speak 3 as an alternate method of communication. To our benefit, we became even more well known among the Rush Team Community. Elite reached its peak of having the most number of skilled active members of any clan; around 40, during the months of June and July. We had dominated in clan matches against some of the best; e.g Split, and proven ourselves to be a force to be afraid of. In addition to this, Elite had two members that were given the privilege of becoming Rush Team GameMasters: Seco and I. 

Elite after Beta :

The Dark Age
Behind the scenes, arguments and disagreements between members wrecked havoc on Elite. Seco, one of our most prominent members, as well as multiple other Turkish members had left the clan on August 2013 to create their own; Ayyildiz. Although Raigekii and I tried to reconcile the relationship between our members in conflict, it was to no avail. Words that have been said cannot be unsaid. To the dismay of the clan, worst was to come. 

During the first week of September, discontent on how the clan was being managed began showing. Pressure was put on me to purge the clan of any member deemed not good enough and to recruit players solely based on their skill without any evaluation of their attitude. At that time I was facing stress from my studies too, thus I wanted to take a break from the clan for a few weeks. The Board of Clan Discussions and it's associated ranks was formed with the goal of Elite managing itself in my absence. Unfortunately, misunderstanding about it's intent created further turmoil. Certain members wanted more power, to the extent in which one wanted me to step down in order for them to have a better grip on clan decisions. I honestly did not want to lead anymore, but I felt that it was my responsibility to create equality among members; that no one was better than the other. After reading posts by the Board after a few days of inactivity, I was afraid of the things that may come if I did not intervene. As a result, Ben221 left the clan and convinced several other members to join him in the formation of Rebels. As member after member left, I just watched. Some left because they felt that the clan was a sinking ship. I did not try to convince them otherwise. If the clan was indeed dying, I will die with it. 

Although Elite had lost a significant amount of members, there was something that proved even more harmful. The addition of the clan system gave rise to hundreds of new "clans". As a consequence, Elite is becoming less known over time while clans with hundreds of members are being considered the best. This is an issue that threatens Elite the most.  

Renewed Friendship
During the month of October 2013, my friendship with Seco and his clan had reached new heights. Learning the Turkish language had aided me. Soon our two clans formed an alliance with each other and revolutionized the concept of having alliances on Rush Team. We collaborated together in matches against other clans. This was something that had never happened before.  

What is the lottery system :

The lottery is created to reward our members and those from our alliances for contributing to the clan. The lottery will work through an automated number generator based on the amount of tickets you have. Lottery points are used to purchase tickets. However, Elite members do not have to worry about the points affecting their rank or being deducted from their profile. There is a separate topic to keep track of your points spent.

Ticket pricing :

Each ticket costs 50 points. However, if you buy the tickets in bundles, you will save some points. The more tickets you buy, the higher the chance you will have at winning a prize.

When do lotteries begin :

Lotteries begin when 30 clan matches has been recorded for that month. Once this
requirement has been met, the lottery will be announced. Prizes include, but are not limited to, Asr-cash and bonus rank points.

Ranking System
What is the ranking system :

Elite has a hierarchy of seniority that is determined through rank points earned through various activities. Below are the ranks of the clan. 
How to earn points :

Points are separated into two categories: Lottery and Rank. Rank points can only be earned by Elite members. 

Methods to earn lottery points

1) Participating in Alliance Clan Matches
2v2: +40 
3v3: +60 
4v4 and up: +80 

2) Participating in the Hit List 
Varies depending on the bounty placed on the hit 

3) Doing Roll Call Each Day
Recruit/Allies: +50 

Methods to earn rank points

1) Participating in Elite Clan Matches
2v2: +20 
3v3: +30 
4v4 and up: +40 

2) Participating in Alliance Clan Matches
2v2: +40 
3v3: +60 
4v4 and up: +80 

3) Doing Roll Call Each Day
Private: +65
Sergeant: +80
Captain: +95
Lieutenant Colonel and up: +110

*In order to obtain your points, you must make a post in the appropriate topic as evidence to show that you have completed the task. For reports, just send me the image link.

Rank privileges :

-Able to earn 50 lottery points daily through roll call
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery

-Able to earn 25 rank points daily through roll call
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery
-Access to Elite exclusive content on the forum
-1 vote point 

-Able to earn 50 rank points daily through roll call
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery
-Access to Elite exclusive content on the forum
-2 vote points 

-Able to earn 75 rank points daily through roll call
-Able to organize official Elite clan matches
-Able to organize alliance clan matches
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery
-Access to Elite exclusive content on the forum
-3 vote points

-Able to earn 100 rank points daily through roll call
-Able to organize official Elite clan matches
-Able to organize alliance clan matches
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery
-Access to Elite exclusive content on the forum
-4 vote points 

-Able to earn 100 rank points daily through roll call
-Able to organize official Elite clan matches
-Able to organize alliance clan matches
-Able to redeem points and participate in Lottery
-Access to Elite exclusive content on the forum
-5 vote points

I have enough rank points, but my rank did not change :

Unfortunately, the system only records how many points you have. As a result, I have to manually change your rank which is why there will always be a delay. Send me a message if you need your rank changed. 

I submitted a post, but did not get points :

Sometimes the system doesn't register your post. Do not delete the post as doing so will result in the system deducting from your total points. When this occurs, send me a message about it so I can manually give you the points. 

I lost points :

The only way you can lose points is if a post of yours has been deleted. The usual reasons are because of duplicates or the posts were in the wrong section. In any case, I will notify you about the deletion.  

General rules :

Elite is a professional clan that emphasizes the importance of positive behavior and attitude. We do not tolerate abusive language against another player or clan. If you are caught doing so, there will be consequences. Depending on the magnitude of the offense, actions taken range from a warning to a permanent kick from the clan. Please be respectful of other people's feelings. 

In addition to abusive language, we also do not tolerate the following:

1) Multiclanning
Loyalty is what makes a clan great. If you are in multiple clans, you are not being loyal. If we find out that you are in a clan that is unrelated to Elite, you will be kicked off the team.

2) Clan-Hopping
Personally, I dislike it when people clan hop. Clan hopping is defined as joining a clan and then leaving shortly after to join another one. Any member previously from Elite will be banned from ever joining again if they are found clan hopping. 

3) Hacking
This is a no-brainer. Hacking will result in a permanent kick from the clan as well as a ban from the game. 

4) Sharing Accounts
We've had situations in the past where members shared accounts with each other for different reasons like "giving VIP", "raising K/D", and "leveling up". Regardless of whether or not your intentions were good, please be responsible with your account information and do not ever give away your password. Whenever you log into an account, your IP is saved in the Rush Team database. Complications can arise if one person shares an account with multiple people and one person decides to hack. Every IP address that has been associated with that account will be banned.

Skype group rules :

There are three rules for our Skype Chat
1) Do not add anyone to the chat that is not a member from our clan or our alliance
2) Do not spam the chat
3) Show respect 
Failure to follow these rules may lead to a ban from our group chat. In more extreme cases, you may also be kicked from the clan. 

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Re: Questions and Answers

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