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My Rant On Bogus Facebook Pages

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My Rant On Bogus Facebook Pages

Post  Cedric on Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:47 am

Let's take this App page for example

Upon scrolling down, there appears to be a 2000 Iphone giveaway. 

For most people, their initial reaction would go something like "OMG REALLY? *Likes and share page*" No harm done right? Wrong! People are being deceived into promoting a page expecting a reward when it's all a trick. Before clicking that like button, examine the post more carefully. 
"2,000 Lucky Winners Will Be Messaged via fb On October"
Would you really believe that they have 2,000 iPhones to even give out, let alone having the time to choose 2,000 winners and then messaging them. Apparently 8000+ people did. 

Looking more carefully at the page and doing some investigating, you can tell right away that it is a fake. 

1) Lack of basic information about the page

2) Images that are inappropriate 


3) Weird page likes

If that wasn't convincing, you can look up the official webpage of Retrica and click on their facebook link. 

That will bring you to the official Refrica page.

What's the point of deceiving people to like and share a facebook page? One of the main reasons is that you can get a decent amount of money by selling a page which has a significant amount of likes. Likes generate posts that will appear on a person's newsfeed which in turn can be used for advertisement. Anyways, I only bring this up to inform. If it helps you think more critically about the things you see on facebook, then at least the post was helpful. If not, it might still have been an interesting read.

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Re: My Rant On Bogus Facebook Pages

Post  TheGreatSn0rlax on Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:11 pm

You and I think so much alike it's ridonkulous  Wink


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Re: My Rant On Bogus Facebook Pages

Post  DanielNZ on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:57 pm

Is it still too late to share?!
Its 21st october, can I still share and win a iphone 6? I really want one D: my friend has one D:


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Re: My Rant On Bogus Facebook Pages

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