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Communication and Clan Change

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Communication and Clan Change Empty Communication and Clan Change

Post  Zonnie on Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:03 pm

xElitex guys, are you still communicating through Skype or ts3? Or in that case, are you using another method of communcation?
Anyway, is it possible to join Elite if I am in a clan before RT2 even releases?
Note, this is not clan hopping, since I've been in a new clan for a few days and I'm gonna be there until RT shuts down and I was wondering if that action could be possible without actually making it look bad for both Elite and my current clan (Purge).


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Communication and Clan Change Empty Re: Communication and Clan Change

Post  xElitexpaperos on Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:39 am

Hello, we have skype group because it saves the messages (so people who weren't online when that message was written can read it too) but ATM it is has been pretty quite and nobody hasn't used it for a while. But all of our members should have TS3 so you can probably see our members there, TS3 has its good sides too like a lot of people that aren't in Elite, that is a good place to arrange clan wars and making friends, and over all you can hear there whats going on in RT's community and the latest news for example.

On my personal opinion its fine to be a member of another clan in RT 1 since we are actually recruiting for RT 2, and we are officially retired in RT 1.


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