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The Alliance

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The Alliance

Post  Cedric on Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:11 pm

Elite's Alliances

Allied Since October 2013
Click Me For Ayyildiz's Facebook Page

Ayyildiz (Moon-Star) is a Turkish based clan led by former Elite and current GameMaster Seco. They communicate mainly through their server on RaidCall. 

Brief History
"Seco joined Elite on May, but left a few months later to form his own clan. During his stay in Elite, Seco has demonstrated himself to be a very competitive and skilled player. To this day, Seco is by far the most skilled Turkish player I have come to be acquainted with. Seco and his clan has supported Elite through a tough time when a significant amount of Elite members had left the clan. For this, I will be forever grateful for. Sagol arkadasim."
- Afklol 

Allied Since January 2014
Click Me For Kiwi's Recruitment Page

Kiwis is a New Zealand based clan led by DanielNZ. They communicate mainly through Skype and Kongregate. "Kiwis one of the clans that was made during the beta version of Rush Team back in the 'old days'. We Kiwis aid ourselves to become better players with new tricks, tips and strategies to rise through the ranks. We believe that practice, skill and teamwork is the main key to success of a great clan. We're a competitive clan when it comes down to playing matches like clan matches, scrimmages and obviously, competitions." 
- DanielNZ
Brief History
"DanielNZ has played Rush Team since he was 12 years old. A week or so into the game (when he learnt how to play and snipe) he met another fellow New Zealander called 'COOKIE311' they met in the old old old old old version of the map now called today 'operation eygpt' so they developed a friendship in that one match. They then decided to make a clan and name it 'Kiwis' but they couldn't figure out how to make a clan at that time. (there were no clan tags). From that day DanielNZ made Kiwis and progressed so much each and every day." 
- DanielNZ

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