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Post  Cedric on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:45 am

Since most Elites are inactive and I'm busy throughout the next months, I've decided to allow active Elites to partake in the clan matches of clans not in our alliance without any repercussions. However, there are some conditions to this.

1) You must inform me and the leaders of the other clan about the decision. The other clan must know you are a member of Elite and accept that you are playing on the behalf of Elite.
2) You cannot participate in clan matches against any of our Alliances.
3) You must join the other clan using an alt account.

If you guys have noticed, Seco and I have created the Alliance Clan "Ally". That's just for 2v2s. We probably won't be playing any Elite clan matches in a while. Alliance clan matches, however, are still an option. I am more active on FB now since I am managing our FB page. I make a post there once every few days. If you want to add me, my FB for RT is https://www.facebook.com/xelitex.afklol

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