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Skill testing

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Skill testing

Post  Cedric on Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:59 pm

Skill Points
Each level adds 1 point
ACE>Tier 3>Tier 2>Tier 1

There is no "test" to determine your skill rank. The more clan wars you participate in, the more accurate we can measure your overall skill level. 
New members will always start out as Tier 1. 

About this portion of our ranking system, I didn't go into detail about how to exactly place players. Currently, I just judge our members' skill based on what I have seen thus far since it is easy and simple. We can make it more solid though. Since I'll be doing 1v1 tryouts again, I thought that I might as well do 1v1 skill testing as well. So how this will work is that any member can request a 1v1 with me. The following are the conditions.

The match must be set in either snowoot or urban, all weapons, 50 kills, and unilimited ping.  

This is how scoring will be judged. The numbers represents the kills against the tester.
>20 Tier 1
20-23 Tier 2
23-26 Tier 3
27-30 ACE

However, since we all have our good and bad days, two matches will be required to determine your rank. The average of both matches will be the deciding factor of the rank. Because ping difference is a factor that needs to be accounted for, anyone who is an ACE will also be able to test our members.

Skill ranking is pretty difficult because not everyone judges the same. An inexperienced player who dies numerous times from players with a 1.50 k/d might think that they are really pro. Technically, we can vote on ranking the skill of our members, but I think it will only further complicate things since we have different time zones, and as a result we cannot fully evualuate each other. It's up to you guys. I just want to make it more fair since my bias might negatively affect a members' rank. The ranking system is for you guys. If enough members do not like the ranking method, we can replace it with just board members and regular members.

One more point, how many of you guys think that I should release my ranking document. This is where I judge you based on skill and dedication. There are 4 options:

-Yes, but only to board members
-Yes, to all clan members
-Yes, to the public

The reason why I haven't released it is because I don't want our members to feel bad or brag about their skill/dedication in Elite. But, then at the same time, I am also limiting the ranking decision to myself and not giving our members a reason as to why they have the rank they currently have.

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